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BTE (Behind the Ear) Hearing Aids
In BTE hearing aids, the electronics are housed in a case that fits behind the ear. Tubing and a custom made earmold direct the sound to the ear canal. The earmold is created from an impression of the outer ear and ear canal. Due to its robust design, this style is especially recommended for children. BTE hearing aids can provide more amplification than smaller devices due to the stronger amplifier and the larger battery. This style is available in several colors for hair and skin tone matching. BTE hearing aids are suitable for all types and degrees of hearing loss and for persons of all ages. It is the most appropriate style for infants and young children and for severe hearing losses for people of all ages.

Click Here to Purchase BTE Hearing Aids (Behind The Ear Hearing Aids)

BTE (Behind the Ear) Hearing Aids
100% Digital Rexton Gran-D BTE
100% Digital Siemens Triano Super Power BTE
Audina 368 Power BTE
Base 2HP
Base 3P
Base P
Bliss 3 HP
Bliss 3 P
Bliss Slim BTE
Electone EL111
Electone Rio (with beep)
Electone Tango 2P BTE
Electone Tango 2SP
Elite 5 HP
Elite 5 P
Elite Slim
Fresh BTE
GN Resound Match BTE
HOT DEAL - Oticon Get BTE
HOT DEAL - Pair (2) of Oticon Sumo XP
HOT DEAL - Pair (2) of Siemens Centra P
HOT DEAL - Siemens Artis S
Joy 1 HP
Joy 1 P
Joy Slim BTE
Luxe 7 HP
Luxe 7 P
Luxe Slim
Model A675
Model DP7
Model L78-D
Model M29
Model M34-PP
Model M34D-PP
Oticon 380P
Oticon 390PL
Pro 9 HP
Pro 9 P
Rexton 3D BTE
Rexton Arena 2HP
Rexton Arena 2P
Rexton Calibra 1 BTE
Rexton Calibra 1 P
Rexton Calibra 2 P
Rexton Calibra 2 PRO HP
Rexton Calibra 2 S
Rexton Calibra 3 BTE
Rexton Calibra 3 P
Rexton Calibra 3 S
Rexton Calibra BTE
Rexton Day P
Rexton Energy P
Rexton P 10 BTE's
Rexton P 20 BTE's
Rexton R-1+ (Horizon3)
Rexton R-2+ (Horizon3) BTE *REFURB*
Rexton Reflection BTE
Rexton Revera WL P
Rexton Sensation BTE
Rexton Targa Plus HP BTE
Rexton Targa PLUS P
Rexton Targa PRO P
Rexton Targa2P Digital BTE
Rexton Voyage Digital BTE
Siemens Acuris Life BTE
Siemens Acuris P BTE (Hi Power)
Siemens Acuris S BTE (Standard)
Siemens Artis 2 P
Siemens Artis 2 S
Siemens Artis 2 S-VC
Siemens Artis 2 SP
Siemens Artis P
Siemens Artis P e2e
Siemens Artis S e2e BTE
Siemens Artis SP
Siemens Artis SP e2e
Siemens Centra HP
Siemens Centra P
Siemens Centra S
Siemens Centra S VC
Siemens Centra SP
Siemens Cielo 2
Siemens Cielo 2 P
Siemens Cielo 2 S
Siemens Cielo 2 SP
Siemens Cielo DIR *PAIR (2)*
Siemens Cielo P
Siemens Cielo S
Siemens Infinity Pro DIR BTE
Siemens Intuis 2 SP
Siemens Intuis DIR
Siemens Intuis S DIR
Siemens Motion 500 M
Siemens Motion 500 M VC
Siemens Motion 500 P
Siemens Motion 700 M
Siemens Motion 700 M VC
Siemens Motion 700 P
Siemens Music Pro-D BTE
Siemens Triano 3 BTE
Sonic Innovations Quartet