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Rexton Targa PRO P

Fully Digital 2-Channel Behind-the-Ear Instrument

For Mild to Severe Hearing Losses


Lloyds has carefully searched the product lines of all the major manufacturers to find the best value in mid-level digital technology. We have found the TARGA circuit from Rexton provides truly outstanding performance at an amazingly affordable price.
All TARGA models are programmed by computer to accurately match the needs of a person’s individual hearing loss. TARGA instruments feature a memory button that allows the user to change “programs”. Typically the first program is set up for normal, quieter everyday listening, while the second program is for improved performance in noisy environments. This aid is the upgrade for our extremely successful and popular Targa 2 and also the analog Horizon III product lines.
Many of our customers have found this to be a perfect move up from older, conventional aids into higher quality digital hearing.




Product Highlights:




  •  Feedback cancellation - it virtually eliminates feedback without affecting sound quality 
  • Noise Reduction Technology - ambient background sounds will be noticeably reduced, which is especially useful in noisy situations like restaurants 
  •  Directional Microphone - most effective way to improve your understanding of speech in noisy environments
  •  For mild to severe hearing losses
  •  Programmable, 2-channel digital signal processing
  •  2 compression channels
  •  2 frequency bands
  •  Background noise reduction
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Up to three individual listening programs
  • Manual volume control wheel
  • Push-button control to cycle through your individual listening programs
  • Standard telecoil
  • Standard directional microphone
  • Size 13 battery
  • Available Colors -- beige, brown






    Standard REXTON Targa PRO P BTE Features:




    For more information on Rexton Targa PRO P hearing aid, or to place your order online please click here.

    Rexton Targa PRO P 5 stars out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
    Rexton Targa PRO P Reviewed by Gerald R. on April, 14 2009 Rexton Targa PRO P Ordering and testing were easy. I received my hearing aid very quickly. I now have one for both ears and am very well satisfied with the products. 5
    Rexton Targa PRO P Reviewed by Philip C. on March, 18 2009 Rexton Targa PRO P I am thoroughly pleased with my purchase of a Targa Pro P. This is my first experience with a hearing aid and the range and clarity of sound in differing environments borders on the miraculous. I also appreciate the support from Lloyds' staff in pruchasing and programming the hearing aid. Further, Lloyds' prices were less than half those offered by conventional retailers. 5
    For more information on this hearing aid, or to place your order online please click here.