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ITE (In the Ear) Hearing Aids
These hearing aids can be used for a wider range of hearing losses. Due to their larger size, ITEs can accommodate larger sound amplifiers and more features such as a telephone switch. They are also easier to handle. The ITE is most appropriate for mild-moderate hearing losses. While this is one of the smallest hearing aid styles available, it may not be appropriate for certain degrees and configurations of hearing loss. This style of hearing aid is not appropriate for infants or young children. ITE Hearing Aids fit within the concha part of the ear (the outer bowl), and are sometimes visible to others when standing face to face. ITE Hearing Aids are custom fit to each individual's ear, via a custom ear mold. Some modern circuits are able to provide feedback regulation/cancellation to assist with feedback which is a squealing/whistling caused by sound leaking out of the aid, then being amplified again. Since children's ears are rather small, and grow with the child ITE Hearing Aids are not recommended for young children. As children reach their teens they maybe able to wear ITE hearing aids, if the ITE hearing aid matches the child's specific hearing loss.

Click Here to Purchase ITE Hearing Aids (In The Ear Hearing Aids)

ITE (In the Ear) Hearing Aids
100% Digital Rexton Gran-D Full Shell
100% Digital Rexton Gran-D Half Shell
100% Digital Siemens Triano Full Shell
100% Digital Siemens Triano Half Shell
Bliss 3 Full Shell
Bliss 3 Half Shell
Custom Analog Model 170
Custom Analog Model 180
Custom Digital Model 170
Custom Digital Model 180
Elite 5 Full Shell
Elite 5 Half Shell
Joy 1 Full Shell
Joy 1 Half Shell
Luxe 7 Full Shell
Luxe 7 Half Shell
Pro 9 Full Shell
Pro 9 Half Shell
Rexton Calibra 1 Full Shell
Rexton Calibra 1 Half Shell
Rexton Calibra 2 Full Shell
Rexton Calibra 2 Half Shell
Rexton Calibra 3 Full Shell
Rexton Calibra 3 Half Shell
Rexton Regatta1 Full Shell
Rexton Regatta2 Full Shell
Rexton Regatta2 Half Shell
Rexton Revera WL Full Shell
Rexton Revera WL Half Shell
Rexton Sterling 40 Full Shell
Rexton Sterling 40 Half Shell
Rexton Sterling 60 Full Shell
Rexton Sterling 60 Half Shell
Rexton Sterling 80 Full Shell
Rexton Sterling 80 Half Shell
Rexton Targa Plus Full Shell
Rexton Targa Plus Half Shell
Rexton Targa PRO Full Shell
Rexton Targa PRO Half Shell
Rexton Targa2 Full Shell
Rexton Targa2 Half Shell
Rexton Targa3 Full Shell
Rexton Targa3 Half Shell
Shooter's Ear Full Ear
Siemens Acuris Full Shell
Siemens Acuris Half Shell
Siemens Artis 2 Full Shell
Siemens Artis 2 Half Shell
Siemens Artis Full Shell
Siemens Artis Full Shell e2e
Siemens Artis Half Shell
Siemens Artis Half Shell e2e
Siemens Centra Full Shell
Siemens Centra Half Shell
Siemens Cielo 2 Full Shell
Siemens Cielo 2 Half Shell
Siemens Cielo Full Shell
Siemens Cielo Half Shell
Siemens Intuis Full Shell
Siemens Intuis Half Shell
Siemens Motion 501 Full Shell
Siemens Motion 501 Half Shell
Siemens Motion 701 Full Shell
Siemens Motion 701 Half Shell
Signia / Siemens Nitro Micon 3mi Full Shell
Signia / Siemens Nitro Micon 3mi Half Shell
Signia / Siemens Nitro Micon 7mi Full Shell
Signia / Siemens Nitro Micon 7mi Half Shell