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Ordering Hearing Aids Online

Ordering hearing aids online has never been so easy or so popular. Below we have included some of the most commonly asked questions relating to ordering hearing aids online.

How do you know what I need? Don't I need to be tested and fitted in person by someone?
It is advised that you visit your doctor to confirm your hearing loss, and to check and see if something can/should be done medically. If you have an audiogram, you can provide that with answers to a hearing loss questionnaire and a reputable hearing aid dispenser will be able to provide you with the best hearing aid for your specific needs. One online hearing aid dispenser provides a FREE Online hearing test that is very quick, simple, and accurate, that you can use to generate your own audiogram online. They can use audiogram to help find the best hearing instrument for your specific needs.

In order to manufacture a hearing aid, a mold of the ear and canal is required. How is this accomplished when ordering on-line?
A casting, or impression, is required in order to produce any custom in-the-ear type of hearing aid. When placing an order online for custom In-The-Ear type hearing aids, the first step you will be shipped all necessary materials for you to create an impression of your ear right from home at your convenience. For over 40 years this very safe and exteremly easy procedure has been follwed by tens of thousands of customers if not more.The impression kit will include enough material to make two impressions of your ear. This is done so you can practice with the first one to see how it all works.