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ITC (In the Canal) Hearing Aids
ITC Hearing Aids only fill the bottom half of the external ear. A little bigger than the CIC, the ITC hearing aids also fit far into the ear canal. Canal hearing aids use a slightly larger battery than the CIC style. This style is used for mild to moderate hearing losses. When facing someone wearing an ITC hearing aid you usually can't see very much of the ITC hearing aid. CIC Hearing Aids are even smaller then ITC Hearing Aids and often not visible unless looking directly and the wearer's ear.

Click Here to Purchase ITC Hearing Aids (In The Canal Hearing Aids)

ITC (In the Canal) Hearing Aids
100% Digital Rexton Gran-D Canal
Bliss 3 Canal
Custom Analog Model 150
Custom Digital Model 150
Elite 5 Canal
Joy 1 Canal
Luxe 7 Canal
Pro 9 Canal
Rexton Calibra 1 Canal
Rexton Calibra 2 Canal
Rexton Calibra 3 Canal
Rexton Regatta1 Canal
Rexton Regatta2 Canal
Rexton Revera WL Canal
Rexton Sterling 40 Canal
Rexton Sterling 60 Canal
Rexton Sterling 80 Canal
Rexton Targa Plus Canal
Rexton Targa PRO Canal
Rexton Targa2 Canal
Rexton Targa3 Canal
Shooter's Ear Canal Size
Siemens Acuris Canal
Siemens Artis 2 Canal
Siemens Artis Canal
Siemens Artis Canal e2e
Siemens Artis Mini Canal
Siemens Artis Mini Canal e2e
Siemens Centra Canal
Siemens Cielo 2 Canal
Siemens Cielo Canal
Siemens Intuis Canal
Siemens Motion 501 Canal
Siemens Motion 701 Canal
Signia / Siemens Nitro Micon 3mi Canal
Signia / Siemens Nitro Micon 7mi Canal