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Oticon hearing instruments Model E390 hearing instruments Oticon Hearing Aids
In 1946, the Oticon model TA was launched. It was the first true Oticon Hearing Aid. In 1957 The Demants donated their own Oticon stock to the later known Oticon Foundation. During the 60's Oticon continued to expand, and in 1964 founded the Oticon Netherlands B.V., three years later established Oticon Inc. (US), Oticon S.A. (Switzerland) and Oticon GmbH (Germany). In 1977 Oticon became the world's largest hearing aid manufacturer. Eriksholm, a new independent research unit was established. Oticon Hearing Instruments underwent a major transition during the 80's. Oticon Hearing Aids changed into an audiologically driven company from its previous technologically driven company. During the 90's were the biggest changes for Oticon Hearing Aids. Oticon Hearing Instrument's new headquarters in Copenhagen was designed as a paperless environment. Oticon Hearing Instruments won world wide recognition as the 'Spaghetti-organization'. In 1991, the Multifocus was introduced by Oticon Hearing Aids. The MultiFocus Oticon Hearing Instrument was the first fully automatic hearing aid that didn't have volume control. A revolutionary hearing aid was introduced in 1996, the DigiFocus. The DigiFocus was a fully digital Oticon Hearing Instrument that used an audiological rational called Adaptive Speech Alignment. The Adapto Hearing Instrument was introduced in 2001, its Oticon Hearing Aids most advanced hearing aid so far. Oticon's product line includes: Oticon Syncro 2, Oticon Adapto, Oticon Gaia, Oticon Tego and Tego Pro, Oticon Atlas, Oticon Sumo, and Oticon Go.

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