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Miracle Ear Hearing Aids
In 1948 a World War II aviator turned electronic inventor by the name of Ken Dahlberg, created the pillow radio for private listening for hospital patients. This idea was rejected by Ken's employer, this event inspired the founding of Dahlberg, Inc which was the foundation of Miracle-Ear. A few years later Miracle-Ear In-The-Ear hearing aids were the first of their kind. Since then Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids have been made of innovative technology to remove all of the barriers that come with hearing loss. Miracle-Ear Hearing Instruments have been taken down to fit entirely in the ear canal. Miracle-Ear hearing aids' technological improvements allow the customization of the hearing aids to fit an individual's hearing loss profile. Miracle-Ear has built a strong national presence to help them be near their customers. Miracle-Ear Hearing Instruments are unmatched for their convenience. Miracle-Ear hearing Instruments can be found in over 1000 locations throughout the United States and can even be found in many Sears Stores.

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