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Hearing Aid Review(s)
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Product 100% Digital Rexton Gran-D CIC
Total Reviews: 1
Average Review: 5 of 5 stars
Name Brett
Date 12/6/2006 3:22:28 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review My son has the Rexton Gran D CICs and is very happy with them. Being a teenager, the small and discreet size along with the overall performance has made a big difference. He is very active in High School sports and we have just had our first problems after one year of owning them and they are still under warranty for repair. Hopefully they will last a couple more years considering how active he is. Compared to the BTE (behind the ear) models, he instantly noticed how much quieter they are as they don't pick up on as much outside noise such as wind, but without the ability to quickly adjust the volume, he sometimes removes them during loud events such as Movie theaters or large gathering of people such as stadium events due to the extreme volumes. Very beneficial when talking on the phone and using headphones for portable devices.
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