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Sound and the Ear

ITE In The Ear Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids and Children

Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids

History of Hearing Aids from Ear Horns, ear trumpets to modern day hearing

Hearing Aid Repairs

Phonak Hearing Aids

Most Popular Hearing Aids

What is a hearing aid?

ITC In The Canal Hearing Aids


Digital vs Analog Hearing Aids
Hearing Aids come in a two main types of circuitry and each have their own benefits. These circuits include Digital and Conventional (analog).
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FREE Online Hearing Test
A person's hearing loss is determined by taking a FREE Online hearing test, this test will show you your specific hearing loss.
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Types of hearing aids
Hearing Aids come in different types that each offer different benefits, these types include CIC, In The Canal, BTE, In The Ear and Body Aids.
BTE - CIC - ITE - Canal - Body Aids