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Hearing Aid Review(s)
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Product Stock Mini Canal Aid - Analog+ iHear
Total Reviews: 31
Average Review: 4.5484 of 5 stars
Name Clyde L Lancaster
Date 5/17/2005 6:53:11 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review Ordering was easy.....Hearing aid is great. Just what I needed.
Name Suzanne Borst
Date 3/27/2006 2:08:38 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review Yes, I have used this aid before and like it very much.
Name Don M.
Date 4/22/2006 4:44:14 PM
Rating 123 out of 5 stars
Review I have used the I hear for about 8 months. I like it when it is working well. I had it put into a custom shell. It is very comfortable. I returned it once for service as it was loosing volume strength. It came back some better. I have used it for about 4 months since the last service and will have to send it back again as it is once again loosing volume strength.
Name Jim
Date 7/31/2008 10:53:02 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review I use the Lloyd mini-canal iHear aid for both ears now. My first mini-canal was a right ear only as I needed to learn if this aid would work for me. Following a couple of weeks of using a few times per day, I began to adapt to the foreign object in my ear and the comfort and tolerance level increased.

One day I left the aid in my pants pocket and it went into the wash. I was sure the aid would be useless now. However, following a 24 hour drying at room temperature the aid performed as it did prior to being washed. Sadly, after enduring the baptism, I lost the aid in an airport.

I have the aids now and they serve me well.

When I call Lloyd's I get a real person right away and enjoy their friendly tone and helpful procedures.
Name Charles Randall
Date 2/25/2007 9:36:05 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review Just brought a pair of these off your website, I am very pleased with them, I love you website and taking the audiogram was very simple. I can't believe the prices you are selling at, sure makes it alot easier to buy replacements. Thank you very much.
Name Claudio Perez
Date 5/19/2007 7:25:20 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review stock in the ear haring aid
Name Don Smith
Date 5/8/2008 9:25:06 AM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review This was my first HA and although it is not the type recommended to me by audiologist I wanted to try an inexpensive device. I have a mild ski slope hearing loss in upper frequencies. These have a hard shell so Comfy strips are a real must to keep these in place in your ear if you do not select a custom ear mold. As a basic instrument, they will amplify your surrounding sounds. I wore there for a little more than a week and adjusted the High Frequency trim pot (potentiometer) only a small amount from the average setting. Loud sharp noises are also amplified and were difficult to withstand! I suffered from occlusion and did not like the sensation this caused. I felt that this basic analog instrument was not complex enough for my needs, although they may be OK for someone in a more sedimentary home atmosphere lifestyle and very limited monetary means. These were a good trial for me and I appreciate Lloyds providing the opportunity to supply me with a solution to my hearing loss.
Date 12/20/2008 2:20:20 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review Arrived in just a few days. Superior to the $1,700+ digital that it replaced. small, light, the price was excellent and my wife is happy.
Date 2/2/2009 6:08:41 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Name Ken W.
Date 3/30/2009 7:23:52 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review After owning several aids from your Northern Illinois competitor, I must say that yours is far superior! The fidelity and frequency response is much greater and the feedback adjustment is easy and very, very effective. With other aids I often avoided even wearing them, preferring silence over the bother.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the smooth, seamless purchase itself! Your website is very user friendly, and in post purchase contact with your staff I found them very knowledgable and friendly. They took a personal interest in my inquiry, something that is sadly lacking today in most business transactions. A five star rating for your product and operations is an understatement. Thank you again for your services.
Name Thomas .
Date 7/25/2009 12:40:42 PM
Rating 1234 out of 5 stars
Review The product works very well with only two small snags; the unit slips out of my ear canal (which isn't straight to begin with) and the color does not match flesh tone. But I got it to hear with and I really don't care if people know I cannot hear well. The annoying thing is the movement out of my ear which I correct (since I know it happens). I haven't thought about taking advantage of the fitting that is available but I might in the future. The instrument does what I expected.
Name Jane Davis
Date 8/2/2009 1:58:00 PM
Rating 1234 out of 5 stars
Review This is a good hearing aid; as good as the one I paid much more for.

However, It took a while to get used to how to insert it nto the canal and not get feedback, but once I mastered that, it was fine.

The only negative I woud say is it seems to eat batteries. In my others, the battery lasted 3-4 weeks. With this, I only get a week. Also, I find the adjustment wheel difficult to adjust.
Name Graydon E.
Date 8/26/2009 11:13:31 AM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review I have never worn a hearing aid and had no idea which one to choose. I took advantage of the free 45 day trial offer. I choose to start with an in the canal inexpensive aid. It arrived promptly and had easy to follow directions. I inserted the battery, turned on the unit and inserted it into my ear. It worked properly but did not fit in the ear canal without discomfort. I choose to returned the aid and the representative I called was very helpful. Thanks to the free trial I can now try another style.
Name Robert .
Date 10/28/2009 11:15:05 AM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review Thank you for the quick service on my order. It came so soon. It is working great.
Name Roderick I.
Date 11/29/2009 3:53:27 PM
Rating 1 out of 5 stars
Review Three weeks later and still nothing has arrived.
[***Note from Lloyds -- When something must ship out of the US, we're at the mercy of the courier. We shipped your promptly to you by US Postal Service Global Express Mail, which can take in excess of 2 weeks in some cases, depending on destination country. If there is ever a question about delivery or international transit times, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide any information that helps customs speed along the release of your parcel.***]
Name alfred .
Date 1/20/2010 12:44:29 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review I was told I had a moderate hearing loss..I orderd my hearing aid and it is wonderful. And the best thing is that it cant be seen...I love it!
Name Nancy
Date 2/15/2010 11:08:06 AM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review I have been wearing Lloyd's aids for several years now. I use the all in the canal aid. The first aids I ever got like these I got from a public hearing aid company because I didn't know about Lloyd's. They were the exact thing I wear now from Lloyd's, with the difference being those cost $1500.00 EACH and it took me three years to pay them off!! When they died, I had seen an ad for Lloyd's somewhere and inquired with them and got an aid for each ear-----------for thousands of dollars less!! I have been wearing my all in the canal aids from Lloyd's several years now. I love them!! I reccommend Lloyd's to my friends as well. You can get hearing aids at other places, but you can't get any finer quality or price for hearing aids, regardless of style than you will get with Lloyd's! Nancy H., Lucedale, MS.
Name Linwood B.
Date 4/10/2010 6:42:58 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review I would recamend this hearing aids to anyone that needs hearing aids.They work very good
Name Sadie K.
Date 5/20/2010 12:07:18 PM
Rating 123 out of 5 stars
Review I am in my mid 30's and have otosclerosis, I’ve had corrective surgery in both ears, which still leaves me with moderately severe hearing loss.

The feedback is bad especially in enclosed areas such as elevators, offices & cars; it tends to distort sounds somewhat. Because it is not a custom fit it also requires that you get the aid placed in just the right spot, or it will give you feedback as well. The lack of a filter to reduce background noise can be a little overwhelming at times (every little sound is amplified) so noisy restaurants or other areas can be a little much, as with my previous set of custom hearing aids it takes several days to get used to the changes and made me nauseous for a couple of days.

I like the small size of the aid. Overall the hearing aid I purchased is cost effective and will work for me as a temporary fix and later as a back up.
Name Paul R.
Date 7/23/2010 2:52:46 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review My experience with the low priced aid from Lloyds has been reasonably satisfactory. I have no experience with other types. I note, however, that I know of no one among my friends who has been entirely happy with their aids, regardless of cost. All aids require getting used to, keeping clean, keeping ears clean, batteries dying at inconvenient moments, problems in noisy environments, and insensitive questions form "helpful" friends wanting to know how you like your aids. I have no idea why some aids cost $3000 and others #300, and I doubt if their is justification. But what can we do? Paul C., Yellow Springs, OH
Name Daniel A.
Date 9/19/2010 9:38:00 AM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review so far so good, i tried the Lyric (not from Lloyds) that stays in your ear for like 120 day, was driving me nuts, this is a comfortable alternative, we'll see how it holds up over time, Dan in Tampa
Name David E.
Date 10/21/2010 5:46:40 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review I am glad I bought this hearing aid. It works great for meetings and when I'm watching TV (which I don't do much - 250 channels and nothing on). It is the first one for me; what an improvement! After reading the instructions, I adjusted the "tone" and "volume". I can hear excellent now and get very little ( and I mean VERY LITTLE) feedback; almost none. Great price and a good buy for me.
Name Irma L.
Date 3/16/2011 1:31:30 PM
Rating 123 out of 5 stars
Review The product does help but it would be better if I could raise the volume. It whistles too much and so I have to have it on a low setting which of course was not the purpose of purchasing it in the first place. Great price though!
Name richard g.
Date 3/24/2011 12:32:09 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Name Melissa
Date 9/14/2011 2:39:05 PM
Rating 123 out of 5 stars
Review I absolutely love this hearing aid! But I have ordered two consecutive aids for my right ear and they have both given out after about a year. Works well for a while, but doesn't have the durability of more expensive aids.
Name Margaret Staley
Date 6/27/2012 2:14:37 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review I started out with only one aid & I liked it so well that I oedered one for the other ear.I have worn aids for 4 years now & paid a lot for my first set. They were behind the ear.I was never happy with them & I wanted to try the in the ear model so I decided on yours.I am very pleased with the sound. It is better than the expensive ones.I have recomends to several people.For the price they can't be beat in my book & I have a severe hearing loss.My only regret is that the warranty is not very long but so far I am very happy with them. Margaret, Winston Salem, N.C.
Name Nancy
Date 1/25/2014 10:42:43 AM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review I have been wearing Lloyd's Analog iHear canal aids for years. I have one in each ear. They are perfect for me. I have what is known as "island deafness" which involves the inner ear nerves. When I shopped for aids the dealers wanted between $1500.- 2000.00 for the type of aid I need for my type of deafness. My Mom had researched and found Lloyd's and ordered my first set from them for me. That was many years ago. I have since replaced them about every 5-7 years. I am a nurse and "hearing" is vitally important to me. I will be ordering one this week as my left one is going bad after 4 years. These aids are as good if not better than what you buy anywhere else and they are so small and fit right down into your ear. No one knows I have them unless I tell them. "Thanks" for having a product that is good and very cost effective.
Name James H.
Date 7/1/2015 8:56:29 AM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review Excellent product for the value.
Name Michael
Date 7/4/2015 10:19:01 AM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review Bought this as a backup aid while shopping for a replacement for my failing aid.
Fits well in my ear for a non-custom appliance. You really can't go wrong for the price. It works better when used with some foam to give it just enough venting to minimize occlusion. I hope I can get a custom aid that performs as well.
Name Jim
Date 10/25/2018 8:20:09 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review Have been a Lloyd customer for several years with analog and digital stock aids.

Very pleased with aids and service.
Name Rhonda
Date 12/17/2018 12:07:32 AM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
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