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Hearing Aid Review(s)
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Product Siemens Intuis 2 SP
Total Reviews: 3
Average Review: 5 of 5 stars
Name Nancianne C.
Date 11/12/2008 7:12:41 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review I recently bought a pair of these hearing aids and I have to say that I am in Heaven . . I've been a Lloyd's customer for some years now and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Your products are top notch and more than reasonably priced. These new aids should serve me for some years to come! You guys know your stuff! One of my brothers is an audiologist and he can't even compare!! I am a customer for life! Thanks for your patience and your willingness to go above and beyond in helping me with my hearing needs. You are the BEST!!
Name Ted
Date 9/19/2011 6:08:23 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review Thank you for your prompt attention to my hearing needs.
I'm enjoying the benifits of the new Siemans Intuis Hearing
Aids that you recommended.
Since I lost both ear drums due to an ear infection. I have
had problems using my old hearing aids and understanding
conversations, problems hearing the TV not to mention trying
to hear our minster in church.
How things have changed, these new hearing aids have made
a remarkable differencee to my life. (I didn't realize that our
minister was such a good speaker!!!)
On the down side, I hear rattles in my car that I never knew
were there and I no longer have the excuse that "I didn't hear
you ask me to do that dear".
All in all the whole transaction was a pleasant experience and
I highly recommend your services
Name Robert C.
Date 3/6/2013 11:05:35 AM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review Very happy with hearing aid that I purchased.
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