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Hearing Aid Review(s)
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Product Sonic Innovations Adesso
Total Reviews: 6
Average Review: 5 of 5 stars
Name LLD
Date 2/15/2005 12:49:32 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review Have used the adesso for a year now. Had custom shells made - much better than foam ones. Very pleased with the product and service. One lost and replaced at greatly reduced price under their customer plan.
Name Bob Yates
Date 5/13/2005 4:30:24 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review I've used the adesso for 2 weeks now. I ordered custom shell, but they say they cant make them for some reason. However the soft shell works very good... The Adesso works wonderful, its like normal hearing. I had used Rexton's Horizon 2. They were ok, but I still could not understand some speech....altho they were loud. I love the Adesso. It exceeds my expectations. I'm trying now to locate the soft shells....but having a hard time finding them. But I think Lloyds carries them.
Name Laurie DeWitt
Date 2/26/2006 10:06:45 AM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review Love this product. Have had two sets already. I have specific frequency hearing loss, and this product can be programmed to bring sounds back in line.
Name Ken Davis
Date 7/25/2006 8:22:08 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review The Adesso aid is an excellent product, and they stand behind it well. The soft foam shells make this aid incredibly comfortable to wear, and it's practically invisible due to it's size. It seems to be very efficient on the battery life as well - even in very noisy surroundings. I'm planning on ordering another one for my other ear.
Name Ron Herring
Date 9/2/2006 9:10:36 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review I love the size of the Adesso but I have had them fail regularly. My average time between failures is about 5 months.
Name Tony
Date 1/23/2007 2:39:15 PM
Rating 12345 out of 5 stars
Review I've had a pair of the Sonic Adesso hearing aids since May 2005, and they work great. To order replacement shells, use this link to order online, or simply call Lloyds:
Click Here to Order Sonic Innovations Adesso hearing aids online!