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Rexton Emerald 80
Rexton Emerald 80 RIC (6c TrueCore: XS, S; 4c QuadCore: M)

  Fully Digital, Programmable 40-Channel Behind-the-Ear Instrument
For Mild to Severe & Ski-Slope High Frequency Hearing Losses
2 year comprehensive parts and labor warranty AND 2 year loss and damage coverage included!!

REXTON EMERALD 80 XS, REXTON EMERALD 80 S, and REXTON EMERALD 80 M offer all the conveniences of a high-tech hearing instrument in an easy-to-wear package. Let the hearing instrument do all the work for you. With features like HD Bandwidth, iFocus 360, Reverb Reducer, Adaptive Streaming Volume, HD Directionality, Sound Radiance, Advanced Microphone Pattern Adjustment, Voice Ranger, Cross Phone, Advanced Speech Detection, E2E Wireless, Feedback Preventer, Music Enhancer you will immediately notice the enhanced quality of sound no matter the situation. With Automatic Classifier, the hearing aids will automatically classify a sound type, resulting in a completely automatic hearing aid without pressing a button while wearing one of the most advanced products available on the market today. REXTON is a completely owned subsidiary brand of Signia (Siemens) featuring the technology of one of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers.
Typical retail $3000 - $3500 each

Product Highlights:

  • 40-Channels
  • 6 customized programs
  • HD Bandwidth (10kHz) – offers high defintion reproduction of sound by naturally extending the speaker bandwidth to 10,000 Hz which amplifies more sounds in the environment for a Hi-Fi listening experience
  • iFocus 360 – engages directional microphones to clearly hear a conversation partner, from any direction, without directly looking at them
  • NEW! Reverb Reducer – decreases reverberant sound so the wearer can enjoy a more direct and enjoyable listening experience
  • NEW! Adaptive Streaming Volume – the volume of streamed audio automatically adjusts to background noise so speech is always audible
  • E2E Wireless 3.0(not available for Emerald XS) is real time streaming of audio between two hearing aids capable of transmitting dual-microphone bidirectional audio data from ear to ear, creating a virtual 8 microphone network
  • Advanced Speech Detection in Noise – human voice is detected and enhanced over background noises, all while background noises are being reduced and filtered
  • HD Directionality – provides you with enhanced speech understanding even in the most challenging environments, with less listening effort, by leveraging the adaptive directional microphone in all channels and advanced spontaneous reduction of noise coming from behind the microphone
  • Sound Radiance – provides the most brilliant sound possible by enhancing the perception of high frequency sounds resulting in a fuller and richer overall sound quality
  • Advanced Microphone-pattern Adjustment – manual or automatic control via the mobile app allows you to have more personalized control of microphone pattern for unique listening environments
  • NEW! Voice Ranger – multiple features work together to ensure you hear the main source of speech, while more distant speech is reduced
  • NEW! Cross Phone (XPhone) – sound is transferred wirelessly to both hearing aids when phone is held to the ear (not available for Emerald XS)
  • Directional iLock – invisible and natural transition between omni and directional microphones
  • Feedback Preventer – most advanced form of feedback control technology that ensures feedback-free hearing comfortt
  • Automatic Classifier – automatically classifies a sound type, resulting in a completely automatic hearing aid without pressing a button
  • Multi-Channel Adaptive Directional Microphone – accurately and precisely targets and reduces background noise, allowing better speech understanding in noise
  • Multiple Listening Programs – allows you the flexibility to switch between preset memories or programs for optimal hearing in various types of different listening situations. Six (6) programs are standard and can be setup for smooth program transitions automatically
  • Bluetooth Functionality(not available for Emerald XS) pair the optional Connexx Smart Connect remote with any smart phone or bluetooth-compatible cell phone to stream high quality telephone and music audio signals directly into your hearing aids, hands-free. Use the FREE mobile app for iPhone® or Android™ to control the functions (change programs, adjust volume and treble, and check hearing aid battery status) of the Connexx Smart Connect direction from your smartphone.
  • Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) Design – this is an adaptation to the standard open-fit style. With the receiver being in your canal rather than behind the ear, it extends the fitting range of open-fit instruments to people with more severe hearing loss especially in the high frequencies. The special vented ear piece allows your ear canal to remain open-feeling, and you will not experience occlusion (the sensation that your ear is plugged or that you are talking into a barrel). Also the compact design of the BTE, paired with the thin tube, allows this type of instrument to be the most discreet BTE style available.
  • Tinnitus Function ndash; customizable, adjustable and fully-integrated white noise generator for additional management of tinnitus
  • Rechargeable(not available for Emerald XS) be eco-conscious by recharging the special rechargeable batteries, and use the Connexx Smart Power device to dry moisture out of the BTE unit with the built-in heat drying function

Standard REXTON EMERALD 80 RIC Features:

  • For mild to severe hearing & ski-slope high frequency losses
  • Programmable, 40-channel 20-band digital signal processing
  • Wireless Technology with optional remote control units
  • Ear-2-Ear 3.0 wireless technology
  • Advanced speech and noise management with digital speech detection
  • Automatic Acclimatization ndash; optional setting so you can slowly build up to the volume you require over time
  • Adaptive automatic directional microphone
  • Noise Management – digital analysis, processing, and reduction of noise to allow for improved speech clarity and sound comfort, no matter the environment
  • Fastest background noise reduction technology
  • Microphone noise reduction - reduces internal circuit noise when in quiet situations
  • Most advanced feedback prevention technology available
  • Sound Smoothing – reduces the intensity of sudden sharp sounds like slamming doors, rustling paper, and crinkling bags to maximize hearing enjoyment
  • NEW! Music Enhancer – enriches the sound quality of music whether listening to recorded music, live music, or performing music
  • Smart Automatic Equalizer – a fully customized listening experience based on your individual lifestyle and listening needs without pressing a button
  • Smart Automatic Acclimatization – allows you to gradually adapt and reach full amplification comfortablys
  • Sound Locator – mimics the natural directivity of the outer ear
  • Smart Remote App – control hearing aids via your smartphone (available for iPhone® or Android™)
  • Smart Connect App – further control of your hearing aids for use with models that are compatible with the Connexx Smart Connect remote
  • Tinnitus function
  • Data logging
  • Autophone/Telecoil (not available for Emerald XS)
  • Optional Smart Power Charger & Drying unit – dries moisture out of the unit and recharges the special batteries provided with Smart Power Charger (it can still use standard batteries as well)
  • Power-on Delay - optional programming setting that stops feedback for 6 seconds while you work on getting the hearing aid in place. Up to six (6) individual listening programs
  • Programmable rocker switch function for volume control or program change on Rexton Emerald 80 S and Rexton Emerald 80 M (additional features available by remote control)
  • Manual push-button control for program change on Rexton Emerald 80 XS
  • Electronic wind noise cancellation
  • Audible alert tones for program change, low battery, and volume change
  • Size #13 battery (Rexton Emerald 80 M), size #312 battery (Rexton Emerald 80 S), and size #10 battery (Rexton Emerald 80 XS)
  • Available colors: beige*, brown*, silver*, pearl white*, grey*, black/dark granite*, granite*, sandy brown*. Note: (*) indicates special order color

For more information on Rexton Emerald 80 hearing aid, or to place your order online please click here.

For more information on this hearing aid, or to place your order online please click here.