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Comply Snap Tip (10 pack)

The Comply Snap Tips can be used to replace a traditional earmold when more comfort is desired.  Must be used with the Snap Tip Adapter.

**This product is being discontinued, limited sizes/types in stock**


  • Unsurpassed comfort and feedback control
  • Cosmetically more appealing
  • Fewer visits for earmold impressions and adjustments
  • Easy fit
  • No more ear impressions


  • Tan tips made of high tech slow recovery foam that can replace a custom earmold
  • Foam softens when it reaches body temperature to form an active seal in the ear canal
  • Built in cerumen filter is acoustically transparent
  • Snaps easily onto Comply earpieces
  • When choosing Snap Tips for the first time, it's best to measure the diameter of your current earpiece at its widest point in the canal and select a Snap Tip size accordingly.
  • The vented tips can be used when you need a half size smaller (i.e. a 14mm vented tip can fit people who need a 12-13mm diameter tip)


  • Change the Snap Tip when it looks dirty, foam does not recover or tip layers separate, or after 2-3 weeks, whichever occurs first
  • Stop using Snap Tips if ear canal becomes sore, as this might mean you have picked the wrong size
  • Snap Tips are not for use by children without adult supervision
  • Snap Tips are NOT recommended if a patient:
    • Has a draining ear
    • Uses ear drops, ointments, lotions, salves or sprays in the ear canal
    • Has poor vision or hand control
    • Is unable to check tip daily
Type of Snap Tip Attenuation Foam
Tan Foam

Highest Attenuation - fits all hearing loss types

9mm-up to 100dB
6mm-up to 65dB
3mm-low power aids

High-tech slow recovery foam that softens when it reaches body temperature Easy to engage and insert. Foam needs to be compressed prior to insertion into ear.

Tan/Gray Dual Foam

Medium attenuation -
up to 65 - 70 dB loss
Combination of slow and instant recovery foam Easier to engage and insert. May require compression prior to insertion into ear.
Gray Soft Foam Lowest attenuation -
up to 55 dB loss
Instant recovery Easiest to engage and insert. No compression needed prior to insertion into ear. This is a great option for an open fitting solution.

For more information on Comply Snap Tip (10 pack) hearing aid, or to place your order online please click here.

For more information on this hearing aid, or to place your order online please click here.