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Mushroom Inserts

Mushroom inserts are ear pieces to be used in conjunction with any Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aid or Body Aid. Lloyds carries six different sizes of mushroom inserts, assuring that we have one that will work for virtually everyone's ears. On a BTE hearing aid, the mushroom inserts mount onto a right angle part we call 'Core & Tubing'.  It should not be used with curved tubing, as "L" shaped adatper is required for a secure fit. The core and short piece of tubing attach up to an elbow, or earhook, of a BTE hearing aid. The core and short tubing are sold together as a combination part.  All sizes of our mushroom inserts fit onto the core. On Body Hearing Aids the mushroom insert fits onto a piece we call a 'Body Aid Connector' - this connector snaps onto the receiver (speaker) at the end of the cord of a Body Hearing Aid.


Many people use mushroom inserts as their permanent ear piece in place of custom Earmolds or Snap-Tips. They should be changed every 4-6 months, or as needed. The mushroom inserts are made from a soft, rubbery, plastic. An assortment of sizes come standard with every Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid and Body Hearing Aid we sell (at no extra cost) so a person can wear these aids right out of the box. The mushroom inserts are not vented. Also, if a person is utilizing an extremely high-powered BTE hearing aid, there is a possibility that the mushroom inserts may not provide enough of an airtight seal in the ear required to effectively block feedback.


Sizing Guide (diameter of the domed part):

  • X-Small:  8mm
  • Small:  10mm
  • Medium Small:  11mm
  • Medium:  12mm
  • Large:  14mm
  • X-Large: 16mm


*Note:  These tips are not replacement tips for open-fit or receiver-in-canal BTE's, and they will not fit on those types of BTE aids.

For more information on Mushroom Inserts hearing aid, or to place your order online please click here.

For more information on this hearing aid, or to place your order online please click here.